About Pilates

Pilates is a mind-body exercise programme which focuses on developing a strong centre (core), increasing mobility and range of motion along with improving posture and coordination.
The main principle behind Pilates is that of ‘stabilising before mobilising.’ This refers to strengthening the stabilising muscles, for example the deep abdominal muscles, which support the organs of the abdominal cavity as well as the lower spine, whilst increasing mobility and strength in the limbs (arms and legs).
Muscles are worked both in their contracted and lengthened state, reducing the ‘bulking’ effect which is so often the result of traditional exercise.

What style of Pilates to expect at Simply Pilates

Since Joseph Pilates developed his set of ‘contrology’ exercises in the 1920’s, there have been many forms and adaptations of these original adaptions. Most teaching is either referred to as ‘Classical’ or ‘Contemporary’.
The ‘classical’ method closely follows the original Joseph Pilates regime with exercises being performed in a particular order in every class.

At Simply Pilates we offer a contemporary approach taking into account the science has been learnt about the human body and movement since Joseph’s time. Contemporary teaching allows for greater flexibility to suit individual needs whether you are a top athlete, a pregnant woman or in need of rehabilitation.
Our Pilates teachers have all been professionally trained to the highest standards from teaching establishments such as the Pilates Foundation where training takes up to 3 years and includes several hundred hours of observation and assessment above simply learning the exercises. All out teachers also attended regular professional development training.

Their expert knowledge of Joseph Pilates’ original exercises and their adaptations will help you get the very best from every class that you attend.

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