What to expect

What to expect when you arrive

Please arrive on time. If you are early, please wait outside until you are invited in. To ensure we have enough time to clean between clients, we won’t be allowing anyone anyone into their class until the time of their appointment. Please come to your season in clean clothing, ready for your class if at all possible. If the studio is empty you will be able to change out of view in a safe space.

On arrival, please remove your shoes and space them in the storage unit and then sanitise your hands.

All clients are to wear clean socks – no bare feet will be allowed. Grip socks will be available to purchase if needed.

The use of toilets is discouraged unless necessary.

What to bring

Please bring as little as possible – a bag small enough to store in the storage units.

Please bring a small hand towel to use as a head cushion if you know you use one as these will not be available.

You may wear a mask if you wish. Your teacher will not be wearing a mask unless this has been discussed beforehand.

If you have small props, you are welcome to bring those too. We will only use props we can clean.

Please bring your own water – the water cooler will not be in use.

Clients are encourage to prepay their classes online and to fit out any paperwork at home to minimise the spread of Covid 19 through administration.

Safety Measures

All teachers have been trained in sanitising and cleaning equipment.

Government guidelines ask for 1m+ Social Distancing between clients and a 3m square for each client. All equipment has been laid out with this in mind.

Windows and the front door will be left open when possible and we have an air extractor continually extracting air to the outside. The air conditioners are brand new and draw air from the outside – they do not re circulate the air within the studio.

The cotton reformer handles have been covered with vinyl to ensure easy cleaning.

Clients will be asked to change their own springs and set up their own machines.

Hand sanitiser and cleaning wipes will be available throughout the space.


The cancellation policy remains at 24hrs (48hrs for Monday classes). If you are feeing unwell and showing any of the symptoms of Covid 19, please contact us as soon as possible. Anyone feeling unwell should NOT come to class. Symptoms of Covid 19 include:

A new continuous cough
High temperature
A loss of or change to your send of smell and taste

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